LAF (Long a$$ Fish)

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The name spells it out… a longer version of the V-Twin fish. And like the V-Twin, this too is all about performance. With a longer rail line, you’ll draw out carves in bigger surf, and trim better in smaller surf. Recommend riding as a quad or twin fin.

  • Wave Range: 2’-6’+
  • Recommended Length: 6’6 – 7’2 +
  • Average Dimensions:
    Width: 20.5 – 22.5 / Thickness: 2.25-3.15
  • Wide Point: 2-3” forward
  • Rocker: medium nose & tail
  • Rails: neutral entry, performance down rail into tail
  • Tail Shape: swallow
  • Bottom Contours: slot single concave into V with double concave & flat out tail
  • Fin Setup: twin (quad optional)