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An all-around performance longboard, for noseriding and maneuverability, this is a “competition” level design. The nose concave is deep to maximize lift as well as the rail allows for steering from the nose. The midsection is neutral to allow for trimming and setting up for nose rides or hitting the lip from the tail. This board goes good in both beach & point breaks.
  • Wave Range: 2’-5’
  • Recommended Length: 9’-10’6’
  • Average Dimensions:
    Width: 22” – 23.5” / Thickness: 2.6-3.25
  • Wide Point: 2-3” behind center
  • Rocker: medium nose & tail
  • Rails: neutral nose, performance 50/50 mid-board, neutral cat tail
  • Tail Shape: pin
  • Bottom Contours: entry V, slight roll in first 1/3 of board, continues through to tail section.
  • Fin Setup: single fin