Nuclear TaTa's

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A traditional longboard with moderate nose rocker, flowing nicely into a flatter mid-section for trim and glide and quickly into a rolled and flipped wide tail for ease of turning. The board draws both its design and namesake inspirations from the waves of San O’.

  • Wave Range: 2’-4’
  • Recommended Length: 9’4-10’6
  • Average Dimensions:
    Width: 22.75” – 24” / Thickness: 2.75-3.5
  • Wide Point: 6-8” behind center
  • Rocker: medium nose & tail
  • Rails: neutral nose, traditional 50/50 mid board, 80/20 tail
  • Tail Shape: squash
  • Bottom Contours: slight nose concave, flat mid section leading into rolled-V, flat off tail
  • Fin Setup: single fin