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This model is only available custom, not in retail surf shops. A truly unique longboard meant for maximum noseriding, as well as turning with ease front or backside. The shorter rail line for your back foot allows the board to turn quicker and higher on the wave face, keeping you ahead or within the section. The model comes only in the following construction: blue density (classic weight), two offset T-band stringers (1/8 cedar 1/8 natural 1/8 cedar), center glue line. It can be any color blue you want, but it must be blue. The board number as well as model number will be written on the bottom. This board is built to be a functional collector’s item.

  • Wave Range: 2’-5’
  • Recommended Length: 9’4’-10’6+
  • Average Dimensions:
    Width: 23” – 24.5” / Thickness: 2.75-3.5
  • Wide Point: 2-3” behind center
  • Rocker: low nose / kick tail
  • Rails: neutral nose to down rail full 50/50 mid board, roll to kick at tail
  • Tail Shape: asymmetrical goofy foot / regular foot
  • Bottom Contours: nose concave blends into mid point, flat mid section to accelerated V and flip in tail.
  • Fin Setup: single fin