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The Supermarine Spitfire was one of (if not) the most important airplane during WWII in the air campaigns over Europe. The Supermarine will easily become one of the most important boards in your quiver. It glides like a longboard but responds like a fish. Catches waves with ease, trims the face of the wave for speed, and wraps back and up top with power and speed. Ranges from 8’ up to 12’. Ride as a twin keel or quad.

  • Wave Range: 2’-5’
  • Recommended Length: 6’8 – 12’ +
  • Average Dimensions:
    Width: 20.5 – 22.5 / Thickness: 2.5-3.25
  • Wide Point: Forward
  • Rocker: low
  • Rails: pinched nose, performance mid rail, into a slight chine rail in tail
  • Tail Shape: swallow
  • Bottom Contours: entry rolled V, slot single concave leads into deep double concave out tail
  • Fin Setup: twin or quad