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Think high-performance twin fin front half collides with a wider 80’s outline in the back half. Volume under the chest and just ahead of the front foot allows for ease of paddle into waves, while the foiled rails behind the front foot keep it feeling alive and responsive. Double concave with spiral V in the tail allows for quick rail to rail transition and the 5 fin set-up lends itself to a variety of fin set-up explorations. This board has been tested in mushy beach breaks and head high to overhead point breaks.

  • Wave Range: 2’-5’+
  • Recommended Length: 5’8 – 6’4
  • Average Dimensions:
    Width: 19" – 21.5" / Thickness: 2.35"-3.25”
  • Wide Point: 1” forward
  • Rocker: low
  • Rails: pinched entry to performance rail into down rail tail
  • Tail Shape: muted diamond
  • Bottom Contours: single into double concave spiral V off tail
  • Fin Setup: quad / 5-fin