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Based on the “Mini Simmons” concept, but fast forwarded to today. In other words, what might the Mini Simmons look like if it was conceived in 2000’s instead of the 1960’s. Features that are distinct include: concave under the nose (lift to offset low nose rocker = not pearling), an “S” deck to keep the nose and tail foils on the thinner side, a pulled in tail outline to increase turning, thinner and foiled rails allow it to roll into the face of the wave and hold, and double-concaves tucked into V panels for tighter turns and speed. The Owl scales from 4’11 up to 8’ plus. The shorter Owls have wider tails and are ridden mostly as quads. In the mid 6’ range the tail begins to get narrower and is usually a 2+1 arrangement. Above the mid 7’ range the Owl tends to work best as a single fin with an even narrower tail. Beach breaks or point breaks the Owl continues to exceed the expectations of its owners.

  • Wave Range: 2’-5’+
  • Recommended Length: 4’11 – 8’+
  • Average Dimensions:
    Width: 18.75" – 23" / Thickness: 2-3.5”
  • Wide Point: 4” forward
  • Rocker: low
  • Rails: flipped entry, pinched to performance rail into tail
  • Tail Shape: muted diamond
  • Bottom Contours: single into double concave spiral V off tail
  • Fin Setup: quad / 5-fin (longer version recommend 2+1 or single)