Red Tail Hawk

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Like the Meadowlark, the front half is high performance twin fin outline, but this time ,we’re pulling in the back half to a nicely rounded pintail. Some would call it a “thumb” tail. Whatever you’d call it, the point of it is to keep you tucked under that lip as its cascading over you AKA in the barrel. This model loves the rounder wave, sucking up off the reef or low-tide sandbars. Personally, this is my all around travel board. I usually take two of them with me on surf trips. A smaller one for when it’s fun size surf, and a slightly bigger and thicker one for when the waves are well overhead. It catches waves early, allowing you to get set up for that section you’ve got your eye set on ahead. A slight single to double concave with V off the tail keeps its extremely responsive and under your control; specially in the barrel. Comes standard as a 5-fin set-up…cuz when you’re traveling you want options, right?

  • Wave Range: 2’-8’+
  • Recommended Length: 5’3 – 6’6
  • Average Dimensions:
    Width: 19" – 21.5" / Thickness: 2.35"-3.25”
  • Wide Point: 1” forward
  • Rocker: low / nose flip
  • Rails: pinched entry to performance rail into down rail tail
  • Tail Shape: round pin / thumb
  • Bottom Contours: single into double concave spiral V off tail
  • Fin Setup: quad / 5-fin